Pilates Classes



Beginner Mixed Equipment

New to Pilates? This class is for you! Our open level Mixed equipment class is designed to instill a strong foundation of Pilates. This total body workout is ideal for those who are new to Pilates but is challenging enough for experienced clients who want to refine their skills and

concentrate on the Pilates fundamentals.

***All levels welcome


Intermediate Mixed Equipment

Our intermediate Mixed equipment class is designed to build on the fundamentals of Pilates. This total body workout will challenge your mind and your body. We will develop more knowledge of the Pilates breath, proper alignment and learn to use the equipment with ease without the assistance of a teacher.

***Please have some prior knowledge of Pilates equipment based classes.


M.E. (Mixed Equipment) Sculpt

Taking our Mixed Equipment class up a notch! This class puts additional focus on working the abs, butt, and arms! With more flowing transitions, extra repetitions added weight, and intermediate Pilates exercises combined with functional fitness will challenge you.

**Please have prior reformer and mixed equipment experience. This class is not appropriate for pre-natal clients or clients who need extreme modifications.


Advanced Mixed Equipment

This class is an advanced level of Pilates. The class takes your Pilates practice to a challenging new level. Building upon the fundamental knowledge and strength developed in prior Mixed Equipment classes.

***This class is not for beginners. Please have prior Mixed Equipment and reformer experience. This class is not appropriate for pre-natal clients or clients who need extreme modifications.


Classical Reformer

This class is done on perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment, the Reformer. The Reformer is a sophisticated system of springs, straps, pulleys and a rolling platform. This equipment, like all of the Pilates equipment, works in two ways: It can act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health while you work towards efficient movement patterns, and it can also provide resistance to build strong muscles and bones.

***All levels welcome.


Restorative Reformer + Zfitness

A gentle version of the reformer class modified to be safe for clients with joint issues including arthritis, osteoporosis or injury. Ideal for people just starting an exercise program that need to ease into a routine. Also ideal for post-rehabilitative work.

***All levels welcome.


Reformer + Barre Fusion

Sculpt your legs, define your abs, tone your arms and work your booty with this upbeat, aerobic Reformer fusion class. We combine the best lengthening and core strengthening elements of the reformer with the best moves from barre.

***Please have prior Reformer experience. This class is not appropriate for prenatal clients, or clients who need extreme modifications.


Reformer Sculpt

Taking our Reformer class up a notch! This class puts additional focus on working the abs, butt, and arms! With more flowing transitions, extra repetitions added weight, and intermediate Pilates exercises combined with functional fitness will challenge you.

**Please have prior reformer and mixed equipment experience. This class is not appropriate for pre-natal clients or clients who need extreme modifications


Cardio Jump-board

Take your Reformer class to the next level! Incorporating the jump-board adds a cardio element to the Reformer repertoire. This class will focus on keeping proper form. The jump-board exercises are done lying on the Pilates Reformer and pushing-off, or 'jumping', against

the spring loaded carriage. Clients will alternate between Pilates Jump board exercises and traditional Pilates exercises on the Reformer. This technique gives the class a high-intensity interval training element.

***This is a high-intensity workout. Please have prior reformer experience. This class is not appropriate for pre-natal clients or clients who need extreme modifications.

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