A paddle sport combining several aspects of tennis, badminton and ping pong to create fun, challenging gameplay for all ages and skill levels. With pickleball courts being just a fraction of the size of tennis courts, players are closer together, making it the perfect sport for bonding with friends and family while bringing out the competitive spirit. CVAC’s courts have been retrofitted with pickleball lines so that you can play anytime with little setup. For more information or to reserve a court contact the CVAC Concierge.



In July 2018 we added permanent Pickleball lines on Court 5, making it an official Pickleball court. Nets will be left on the courts at all times, but on the side so as not to interfere with tennis play. Members can reserve the court for a 90 minute period any day starting at 1:30 pm unless a tennis event is taking place on the court. Please mark the court sheet with "PB" to indicate Pickleball use.


Pickleball Nights

If you are interested in learning how to play or meeting other Pickleball players, please join us for our summer Pickleball nights followed by Taco Fridays with Chef Moises. Please see the CVAC Concierge or the CVAC Newsletter for dates and times.

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