Junior Tennis


Children develop simple coordination, static balance, agility and speed and learn proper point of contact using the Red ball, 36' courts and mini nets. They will also learn reaction and tracking skills, throwing and catching, running jumping, twisting. Players are gradually introduced to rallying through fun games.


TUESDAYS  |  4:30 - 6:00 PM  |  AGES: 4 - 7


Kids learn agility, simple & complex coordination, speed & strength, and skill development using the Orange ball on a 60' court and a regular net. Through games players will learn to rally, serve, return serve and volley, with a focus on consistency and placement. Players are gradually introduced to competition.


WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS  |  4:00 - 6:00 PM  |  AGES: 7 - 11


Players develop agility, complex coordination, speed and strength, and skill development through cooperative and competitive games using the green ball on a full court. Players will have biomechanically sound strokes and will learn different spins, focus in depth on tactics, singles and doubles strategies and match play.


WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS  |  4:00 - 6:00 PM  |  AGES: 11 - 13


Players in this group use the regulation Yellow ball on a full court. They learn to be strong competitors and play high-level tennis. The focus is on strengthening their body, becoming more explosive, learning to use power on their shots and perfecting patterns of play and strengthen their individual playing style.


WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS  |  4:00 - 6:00 PM  |  AGES: 13+


Private lessons are available in half hour increments with any of our United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA, PTR) certified instructors. Lessons can be tailored to fit any stroke or need and can accommodate any skill level from beginner to advanced. Learn the game or enhance your skills with our certified tennis coaches. Contact Brian Cory at Brian@CVAConline.com or 831-594-5699 OR  Nick Alexandru at Nick@CVAConline.com or 831-275-5171



We work on singles and doubles skills in a team, tournament, or other competitive format. Match play is open to all players who can serve consistently, maintain a rally, and keep score. We focus on strategy, shot selection and court positioning to maximize our tennis experience. Day/Time to be determined

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